Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2010 in the rearview

2009 felt like it dragged on forever. 2010 seemed to blast by us before we knew it. 2010 was big year of change for us at On Rock. In the spring, we decided to put our building up for sale. It was becoming impossible to effectively operate our Ministries out of a small facility. We expected that it would take a long time to sell. We told our Real Estate Agent that we wanted $400,000 for it. He was not optimistic, telling me that the most we would get was $270,000, but to expect as low as $210,000. I insisted on $400,000 and he got me down to $395,000. He also reiterated that this would not be a quick sale.

A month later, Our Agent called me, to say a gentleman had driven by the building and wanted to buy it. He said the man wanted to deal immediately and would give us $360,000, but we had to be out in one week. He did not want an inspection, just a quick sale. The Agent was encouraging me to say yes, but I felt we could do better. I countered $380,000 and he had to give us two weeks to leave. This made our agent nervous, but he said he would try. 5 minutes later he called back to say the offer was accepted.

This amazing miracle meant we had to get out right away. Westview Bible Church was very generous in allowing us to run our food bank out of their gym every Monday. All our other programs went on hold and we moved everything into a borrowed 53 foot trailer. Challenger transport later donated a 53 ft trailer to us for permanent storage.

We spent about 8 months as a “homeless” Food Bank, and then found space in A Ma Baie that was large enough for us to grow into the community there. We wanted to move into this community because about 70% of our Food Bank clientele live there. We want to build relationships and offer more services to our friends there. .

November 1 we took occupancy under the bowling alley in A Ma Baie. We are in the process of equipping and renovating our new facility with hopes to open again in a month. The Food bank continues to operate in our new facility every Monday. We now serve 127 families a week. At present 35 of our families can now pick up there food every week, creating more contact between us and the community. It is a challenge, but we must continue to serve those in need.

We have new challenges ahead of us with this transition. We are renters once again and need to raise $3500 a month for rent. We have a fully equipped kitchen and a walk-in freezer, with a walk-in fridge to come. This is all second hand, but expensive none the less. We have spent about $20,000 on equipment. We are confident that people, churches and businesses will partner with us to meet this very real need in the West Island.

Thank you to all who support us and volunteer with us. We could not do the exciting things we are doing without you. Together, we can and do make a difference. We look forward to this new year and the opportunities to serve that it brings.