Friday, September 12, 2014

It was a good summer

Here we are mid-September.  This past summer turned out to be a good one in the food bank.  In late April it looked like we were in for some tough sledding through the spring and summer.  Our food supplies were very low.  For the first time in 9 years, I reached out to the media with our need and they stepped up big time.  The Suburban started the media storm, followed by The Chronicle and West Island Gazette.  Then CBC Radio, Global News, CTV News and CHOM came to the party.  The West Island was buzzing.  We asked that Companies, Churches, organizations, and individuals help us raise food.  The community stepped up, big time.  By the end of the drive, which lasted over a month, our shelves were full.  We collected more food than we did last Christmas.

One of the greatest stories involved an eight year old named Dustin.  He saw the CTV news piece and told his parents he would spend the summer collecting cans, returning them and buying food for the food bank.  He did just that.  People around him became inspired and donated money to his cause.  People from Ontario and the US sent him money.  By the end of the summer he had spent more than $500 on food for the food bank.  This was HIS idea.

I changed my mind, it was a GREAT summer!