Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Coldest Night Of The Year & Other Stuff

Coldest Night Of The Year did not take place on "the coldest night", not even close.  It was a balmy +5, and very wet.  That's it, it was the wettest night of the year.  However, many faithful walkers came out and helped us raise 26,000+.  It took a while this year to get the event off the ground, but in the end, it was amazing.  The picture above if of the team from Worlee, who raised close to $5000.  Thank you to them and all the other teams who participated.

We finally acquired some industrial pallet shelving!  Through a good friend we received 100 ft.of shelving plus installation.  Alain found this for $1000 and covered half the cost.  He also had his installers come in and install it.  A big thank you to Alain.  This shelving has really helped us maximize our warehouse space.  It doesn't look so cluttered anymore.

I am looking forward to this new year and the opportunities it brings.  Thank you to all who contribute with time, expertise and money to make this happen.