Friday, June 20, 2008

Good things and challenges

The school year wraps up today, so our school lunch program has come to an end. One of the cool byproducts of our relationship with the schools is that they are giving us food stuff they can collect for our food bank. It has become a relationship of reciprocity. Today we picked up 8 cases of milk from Springdale. this will go in our food boxes on Monday. The food bank runs all year round.

We have also made arrangements for our families to get meat once a month thanks to the generosity of Premier meats. Monster Gym in the West Island has graciously allowed us to place a box in their hallway to collect food for the food bank. For the past 3 months we pick up a large rubbermaid container every Monday morning full of non-perishables that help feed our 70 families. it is amazing to have assistance from the community.

The Vault's summer kickes off tonight with our first summer concert. 5 hardcore bands will be playing at The Vault. It promises to be a great openning for the summer.

We continue to be challenged with financial needs. Our operating budget is about $900 a month in the hole. We continue to pray for more people to contribute to this Kingdom work. Please pray with us and consider helping out on a monthly basis.

In August we have a wine tasting fundraiser. It will be on August 16th at Joe's place in Senneville. It will be an outdoor affair(weather permitting), with a silent auction and some door prizes.

If you want to contact me my email is

Have a great summer.