Monday, January 11, 2010

Generosity and the Bosnian Refugee Family

Syl met a Bosnian family at Maxi on Friday. They approached her and asked her for money for food. Syl said she did not have any money but would buy them some groceries and that we ran a food bank and would help them out further.

Today, Syl and I drove to Laval to bring this family some food and assess their needs. They have been living for two weeks in an empty apartment, with a few borrowed items. Syl put out an SOS for some furniture, clothes, bedding and dishes. The response so far has been amazing. People have been contacting her and offering some amazing stuff. Stuff that we take for granted. Thank you to all who are helping this family.

We are still looking for;
Bed - double or queen for parents
Sheets for the same
Beds for three children.
Bedroom furniture. Their rooms are EMPTY
Kitchen appliances.
coffee maker
toaster (Sandie)
toaster oven
some kind of mixer
frying pan
serving dishes
Baking pans etc
book shelf
school supplies

If you can help email Syl at



Friday, January 8, 2010

The Good The Bad and the New Year

Last year was a challenging year. A lot of good things happened, but there were some not so good things as well. We are going into this year with hope. Hope that this year will be a year of generosity and growth.

However, it started with a grind, which lead to $1000 van repair. Our van is a necessity for the food bank. It is safely back on the road.

On the good side, we have made contact with a food distribution company that may be a regular supplier of food for the food bank. We pick up our first pallet today. We are grateful for the generosity of people who see the need that we fill and want to be a part of it. This is always an encouragement.

As the new year starts, we are looking into putting our building on the market, so that we can move into the neighborhood where most of our clients come from. This will give us the opportunity to become a part of that community and make an impact on so many different levels. It means building daily relationships, rather than just weekly. Increased visibility and contact gives the people we serve more opportunity to see the love of God at work.

Happy New Year.