Thursday, March 26, 2015

27 Pallets

27 Pallets, that is how much product we have in stock.  It is amazing.  Last year at this time, we were struggling to find enough food to take care of the demand we were facing.  This year we have been blessed with food from various sources, ranging from individuals to large food donors.  We are able to move our numbers up.  Our Maximum is now 220 families and we are helping a food bank off island that helps 30 families a week.  This is truly awesome.

As of January, we are also making 220 lunches a week for elementary school kids who come to school without a lunch. 

As of April 7th, the diner will be open Tuesdays and Thursdays, again.   We have some new chefs lined up, which should be pretty exciting.

The challenge that we face is financial.  We are exploring various ways of alleviating this stress, which include fund raising and relocating our warehouse.  If anyone reading this can help, it would be greatly appreciated.