Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Delivery Accomplished!

Yesterday was our Christmas basket delivery. Every family received 2 boxes. One, overloaded with food and the second contained Christmas gifts for the family members. Our food supply was amazing this year thanks to Tim Horton's(St. Charles), and several other generous people and organizations. Thank you.

Many of our families were sponsored by individuals, families and companies, who supplied Christmas gifts for the kids and in some cases, food. Thank you, You have helped make Christmas an easier time for some of our families.

Pete was telling me today that while doing one delivery he received a very enthusiastic hug from a little old lady.

Once again Beaconsfield Emergency Services helped out in a big way, helping pack and deliver boxes. We appreciate their time and willingness to participate in this project.

We truly do make a difference when we work together.



Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas is upon us

Monday Dec. 21 is our Christmas delivery for our food bank. Many of our families have been adopted by individuals and families desiring to make a difference this Christmas. This means that our families will not just get food for Christmas. The kids will get presents that their parents can wrap for them.

Beaconsfield Emergency Services will be helping with deliveries again this year. This a big help because families will get 2 boxes each.

Thanks to all of you who adopted a family or donated food and/or money this year. Food Banks are struggling across the board, so your generosity is appreciated more than ever.



Thursday, December 3, 2009

Helping Hands

It is amazing what happens when the Christmas season approaches. We have been blessed with people calling us to adopt families for Christmas. Tim Hortons on St. Charles North has partnered with us in collecting food, and they have been doing a great job. We are able to stack our shelves and guarantee a good Christmas for our families and some left over for the post-Christmas slow down. Thank you to all who have participated.

I also need to thank Dave and Second Cup Fairview for their ongoing commitment to helping us feed those in need in our community. Second Cup donates all of their surplus food, to our food bank. This Christmas, they also have a toy collection going on for our families. If you buy a toy and donate it, they will give you a free coffee.

When the community works together, it becomes so much easier to meet the needs that exist.