Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Great Things Happening

It is amazing to watch over time how God provides. In the past month, our Diner leadership has gone through some changes. It seemed at the start that we would struggle with continuity. In the middle of this my Dad, who is 86, suffered heart failure and several other related and unrelated conditions. I had to leave town for a week. Pete was working hard at maintaining our programs, but several "Diner" people were out of town. The diner would have to close for a week,..... or does it? Along comes Emma and Stephane and Suzanne... to put together an amazing meal and service, so that the diner could go on. These amazing friends stepped in to help out, so that our people would not go a week without the diner. We did not see this coming. They had never worked the diner before. Again, God provides. This has been a very busy year so far, with some great things going on. Starbucks partners from 9 stores pooled their resources and gave our center a makeover, including new tables, some chairs and a paint job. Thanks to all the great people from Starbucks. We partnered wit a young man who wanted to promote music shows for teens last month. The show was held at On Rock and everyone seemed to have a great time. We will continue to nurture this relationship out and encourage a young man with ambition. He has received considerable support from us and AJOI, an organization that works with youth who hang out on the streets. Denise Trimm has rallied the good people of Westview to clean out their closets and give the clothes to those in need. We are talking "good" clothes, not the stuff you are done with. Our back room is filling with clothes to be given away this weekend to our community. June 2nd is our Annual Wine Tasting fund raiser. There are still a few tickets available. Tickets are $80 each. We will be sampling the wines and food of Australia. This is always a fun night. Our next big fund raiser will be September 15th. It is called Riders Against Hunger. This is a Poker run, Motorcycle ride to raise funds for the food bank. We hope to have a lot of riders join us for this event. If you ride, contact me for more info. As you can see, things are moving. Somewhere in all our activities we need to find a clean-up day as well. We will keep you posted. Peace, K