Tuesday, December 22, 2015

On Rock Christmas Chaos

Christmas is always BIG at On Rock.  Tuesday Dec. 15 The community Diner celebrated Christmas with over 70 guests,  The food included Turkey and Moose(No reindeer), stuffing, etc.  It was a great dinner orchestrated by Joanne, Rose and their amazing team of volunteers.  All the kids got to visit with Santa and get a present.  A good time was had by all.

On Dec. 19th we did our 10th Christmas box distribution.  We do 190 boxes every week lately, so on Saturday we did 190 boxes times 3, four or five, depending on the size of your family.  Smaller families got 3 boxes, one for presents and two for food.  Every family got a box of presents and the remainder were food.  Our goal is to give our families that struggle all year and "over the top"  Christmas experience.  We had volunteers working tirelessly for over a week before the big day.  We received several phone calls from surprised families. thanking us for our generosity.  We surprised them,.... and that is a good thing.

A Big thanks goes out to our volunteers in the Diner and the Food Bank.  Without you On Rock is nothing.

I want to thank West Island Mommies, Marmalade Café, Monster Gym, Moksha Yoga West Island Crossfit De L'Ouest, Pierrefonds Animal Hospital, and so many other companies and organizations who stepped up and supplied us with gifts and food to make this Christmas and the months to come special.

I also want to give a very special Thank You to the Tenequip Foundation for donating $15,000 when we needed it most.  It is only because of people like those mentioned above that we can make the impact we do.  Like I have been saying for years, "Together, we can make a difference".  And we do.