Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Distribution 2013

When I think about our Christmas distribution this year, I am blown away.  First, by the dedication and enthusiasm of our volunteers.  There were over 40 (I think over 50, but I didn't count and I don't like inflating numbers) volunteers running around filling 181 boxes with food stuffs for our families.  Many of these volunteers also delivered boxes, some making a few trips, to make sure that our families received their Christmas baskets. The weather was dicey at best, and yet they were willing to make those extra trips for our friends in need.

Secondly, the amount of food that came in allowed us to really bless our community.  Over $50,000 in food was distributed.  Most families received two or three boxes to get them through this holiday season.  One lady, upon receiving 2 large boxes, became emotional and was very grateful for this moment of light in her rather gloomy experience.  We also distributed over $25,500 in gifts.  Many of our friends can't afford regular life, let alone Christmas gifts for their kids.  Parents show amazing gratitude, when they are able to give their kids gifts.

On top of all this good news, an anonymous donor offered us $10,000 if we could find someone to match it  This week, a matching donor came forward!  I can't wait to see what the new year will bring.  Have a Merry Christmas.


Friday, December 20, 2013

In The News...

Here is the latest article focusing on our Food Bank.  Merry Christmas Everyone!