Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Meet Frank...

I would like you to meet Frank. Frank is a 70+ year old man who started supporting our food bank about a year ago. Every month Frank brings us about 8 cans of food and a cheque for $50. The incredible thing about it is, he walks to wherever we are. All summer he walked from Dorval to Pierrefonds to come visit the food bank and give his contribution. Monday was a terrible day to make the trek from Dorval to A Ma Baie, which would be amazing in nice weather. It was snowing with 60 km winds. Frank walked for 2 hours to visit and contribute. He is a quiet, humble man, who just wants to help. After his visit, he left, to walk home. Another 2 hours. Thank you Frank. He is an encouragement to our team.

On the renovation front, we had a work team of 13 in on Saturday to tackle some gyproc, tiling, wall building and brick work. By the end of the day, we made an encouraging dent in the work to be done. Thank you to all the guys who came out to help. There is more to do and we will have another work day soon.

Christmas is upon us and we are looking for people and Companies to adopt some of our families for the holiday. This involves supplying Christmas dinner and/or presents for the kids. If you are interested, we will supply you with gender and size of the kids from one of our families. Please contact Kathryn at kmccreath@videotron.ca