Thursday, July 24, 2008

We need help

We are in bad shape financially. I hate talking about money, but, I have no choice. We are struggling to pay our bills and our office administrator has not been paid in ages. I don't know how to get people to see that we are making a huge impact on our community and our services are much needed. We have had approximately 20 new requests for the food bank which feeds 70 families a week at present, the drop-in center is helping people change their lives. Ministry is booming, people remark about how amazing our work is and how big the need is, but few will invest in it.

We need $900 a month to break even. That means every month we go at least $900 in the hole. We desperately need people to commit to giving monthly. No amount is too small or too big. Please consider partnering with us. Invest in our young people and help feed the poor.

You can use post dated cheques or auto withdrawl. Email me and I will send you the forms.

contact us at;
On Rock
5000 St. Charles
Pierrefonds, QC
H9H 3G1

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Guests at the food bank

This Monday we were thrilled to have 7 ladies from Merck Frost administration come in to help us with the food bank. When you first walk in to the food bank it looks very unimpressive. A bunch of tables lined with boxes, pressed into a drop-in center. Once the food arrives the action starts. These ladies were eager to get their hands dirty. I don't think we ever unloaded a van so fast. Many hands make light work and it certainly was true yesterday. We had the food distributed among the 70 boxes in no time at all. When the boxes are full and ready to go, it can be a beautiful sight, 70 boxes filled with food and ready for a family in need.

The team from Merck wanted to deliver some boxes as well, which made Pete and Matt happy. They had three cars, so each one took 2-4 boxes, and they made the deliveries. They expressed what a great experience this was for them to be involved in helping feed people they may see in their own community. Some of the ladies expressed a desire to come back. Lately, Mondays have been a great encouragement to me.



Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Amazing Food Bank Monday

What a day yesterday was. The last few weeks have been really bad for food distribution. We have not been getting a lot of supplies, so we have depleted our stock. This week, we did not have any reserve to speak of. I went to Moisson Montreal monday morning and arrived to see that they did not seem to have very much out for us to take. However, when it was all said and done I filled the van with 4 large wagons of food. It was amazing! We had lettuce, kiwis, fish, bread, yogurt, juice and cereal for everybody in large quantity, as well as enough other mix and match stuff to fill the boxes. Matt and John had to take the bread seperately because the boxes were too full. God is good and He does provide.

We still struggle financially. We need about $900 a month more to operate in the black. Please pray with us,... and give. If you already do give, Thank you for partnering with us.