Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Crazy! Great!

First we will talk crazy,... On Sunday, I was picking up the Second Cup box at Fairview. I came outside and could smell burning.... I got in the truck to leave and the brakes were gone. I opened up the hood and noticed the burning smell was a little stronger. Now, remember, we lost our last Safari to a fire. I thought I would take a look underneath, and low and behold there was a fire. I immediately called 911 and stood way back, feeling a little sorry for the guy parked next to the van. The fire department was very quick in responding, and it turns out the fire burned itself out before they got there. I had the van towed to my mechanic,(Frank, at the ESSO on the corner of St. Charles and Hymus. Amazing dude.) $138 later, it turns out my brake line leaked on the exhaust and it was an easy fix. I have owned 4 Safaris/Astros,... two have caught fire.... that is crazy.

Now for Great. This week promised to be a hectic week at the Food Bank. Pete is on vacation and John(who drives the bus) couldn't make it. So, I had to drive the bus and we were using interim delivery guys to get the boxes to our families. It was a great day for food supplies. My son and 2 of his friends came to help me do the pick up, which was awesome. Loading the bus alone is a lot of work. Three 14 year old boys make it easy. When we arrived at Westview to unload and pack boxes, I was amazed at the amount of volunteers we had. Kathryn, Trish and Janet, two of whom are newbies, did our fruit and veggie triage. All three brought their kids who, along with the three I brought made short work of packing boxes along with our regular people. It is amazing how smoothly things run with positive, eager people. I was not looking forward to this Monday morning but it turned out to be a great day. Thanks to all those who came out to help, you helped make a difference.



Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Thank You

A few weeks ago I posted that we were in serious need of staff on Mondays for the food bank. The response was amazing. For the past two weeks we have had several people come in and volunteer. My web designer, a friend from football and his son, to a friend and her two teens. It has been very encouraging to see people give of their time and energy, especially on really hot days. Thank you to those who volunteer.

We continue to be blessed with food supplies. We now have enough Veggie thin crackers to feed a small country. Vegetable supplies are awesome as well.

Thank you to all those who support this ministry financially. It is a great encouragement to see the generosity of people as they invest in this work we do to serve our community, especially those in need.

We are hoping to be situated in A Ma Baie by October. We are working on a rental agreement. It is not "in the bag" yet, but it looks good. More news as it unfolds.