Thursday, May 22, 2008


This blog was created as a vehicle to share what is going on in the world of On Rock Ministries. There are so many people out there and only s much time. So, this is a place to find out what is new. So here we go.

2007 was for many a very challenging year. We were no different. We continue to be attacked by an unknown group of paint ball gun wielding guys in cars. Sometimes it is paint, sometimes marbles. They have become braver over time. In the beginning they shot paint balls at our building when we were closed. In the fall of 2007 they shattered all of our storefront windows with marbles. This cost us close to $2000. Lately they have gone back to paint, but, they are shooting at people. This is a dangerous situation, which the police seem to be unable to help with.

The Vault is doing very well these days Lot's of kids and a fair bit of mentoring going on. Our concerts continue to be a huge success. We are usually in the neighborhood of 100-150 kids a show. This give us a great opportunity to make friends and begin new relationships.

The food bank continues to grow. We are serving 70+ families every week. Monster Gym is helping us to gather food. They have allowed us to place a big bin in their entrance to collect food from their patrons. It has helped us tremendously. Carmine, the owner has been very encouraging and eager to help.

Premier meat company is now giving us meat once a month for our families. This is a great step toward giving more balance food supplies to the families that we serve.

The School Lunch Program has been a great success this year. We have delivered approximately 175 lunches a month through the school year. We are excited about the ways in which we are able to serve in our community.

We have three challenges before us. The first is meeting our monthly operating budget. We are about $900 short every month. We are in need of more monthly supporters in order to meet these costs and plan ahead. Secondly, we need $2000 to replace our kitchen sprinkler system. Our system s obsolete and we have to meet the new standards that have been set. And last but not least, we need a new, much larger facility. Our ministries have grown to the point where they can hinder each other, because we only have so much space. Please pray with us for a new location and the finances to see this happen.

For those of you who partner with us, Thank you for helping us be the hands and feet of Jesus to our community.

For those who would like to help, send your donations to;
On Rock Ministries
5000 St. Charles
Pierrefonds, QC
H9H 3G1

You can contact me at 514-808-9512