Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Another Great Monday

We are feeding 106 families. They range from families of one to 11 people. We depend on our suppliers to provide enough food to do this. This week, they came through in a big way. Our average box was worth about $75. With the addition on the Green Bus, we now have the ability to take pallets of food. This means we have more food available to us, and it is coming in handy.

We have a waiting list right now of 12 families. Hopefully we will be able to add some of these families to our delivery list soon.

We continue to explore the possibilities of moving to a bigger facility, closer to our clientele.



Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New Face

Last week our van got a face lift. Our logo and info will be seed all over the West Island and beyond thanks to Adam Moss at CATSYS and Sticky Grafix. The sign you see here is on both side windows as well and on magnets that rest on my Cherokee. All designed to give us more visibility in the community we serve and to bring attention to the growing need for a the food bank in the West Island.

Other good news this week.... A transport company donated 4 pallets of breakfast cereal to us. We now have cereal for our 106 families for the next 6 weeks.

Things to keep in mind. Our poker tournament is coming up fast on September 20th at Bourbon Street West. You can sign up on our website.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

More Board News

Our board continues to grow. Vince Mancini, a friend, football buddy and businessman has joiuned the On Rock board. Vince joins Ted Sparkes, Karl Frigan and Steve Watts in guiding On Rock into its next stage of development. I am excited for this next year.



Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New Board Member

On Rock is in the process of rebuilding it's board. We are in a place where we need to move and grow. In order for this process to be successful we have had to re-evaluate our board and bring in some new passion. I am pleased to announce that Steve Watts has joined the On Rock board. Steve is a passionate advocate for the under-privileged in our community and is a "No task is too big" kind of person.

You can meet Steve at the On Rock Poker Tournament on September 20th at Bourbon Street West. See onrock.org for more details.



Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Summer is over

The kids went back to school today. At least mine did. This means the summer is over, and yet it feels like it barely began. Soon we will be talking about Christmas, but not yet. With the beginning of school comes our school lunch program. We have already begun supplying one school and in the next few weeks, we will hear from the other schools in the community about their needs.

It is easy to fall into the numbers of it all, and forget that these lunches are going to kids in our community who otherwise would not have lunch. Studies show that kids who are hungry learn less and act up more in school. I know what I am like when I feel a little peckish. Many of these kids may eat once a day. It is a big task, but it is one that must be carried out. We are privileged to serve our community in this way. To serve kids in this way.